Available for ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC and Angular applications, the HTML5-based Document Editor Web.TextControl provides an MS Word-inspired UI to create, edit and modify MS Word compatible documents.

This demo uses the MVC version of TXTextControl.Web included in TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET. The functionality is compatible across all supported platforms.

Version 32.0 SP3

Integrate a fully-featured document editor into web applications and provide users the best available user experience, a highly professional look and feel and the most stable and reliable document editor.

Use TX Text Control to create letters, mail merge templates and sophisticated reports. Combine a professional document editor with powerful reporting functionality and integrate document collaboration features into your processes.

  • True WYSIWYG
    The document gets synchronized server-side to provide exactly the same output like on a created PDF or printed paper. Pixel-perfect.

  • Server-side fonts
    Provide the same fonts to all your users independent from the used platform or browser.

  • Compatible to MailMerge
    The document editor is compatible to the reporting engine MailMerge that creates documents from templates and data.

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