This demo shows how to render merge blocks conditionally based on field values in the parent table.


The following JSON contains the data shaping information for the merge block details. Currently, this child block renders when the price field is 200.

Play with the number and set it to 100, for example, to see the results. Click on Set Condition and confirm with OK to preview the merge process.

{ "Name":"details", "DataShapingInfo":{ "BlockMergingCondition":[ { "ColumnName":"price", "ComparisonOperator":0, "CompareTo":"200", "LogicalOperator":0, "Culture":"" } ], "Filters":[], "SortingInstructions":[] } }

Possible comparison operators are:

Operator Description
0 Equal to
1 Greater than
2 Greater than or equal
3 Less than
4 Less than or equal
5 Not equal to
6 Is blank
8 Is not blank

This demo uses the MVC version of TXTextControl.Web included in TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET. The functionality is compatible across all supported platforms.

Version 32.0 SP3

No code required.

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