This interactive tutorial shows how to create your first report from preparing data, creating a template to merging them together.

Text Control's MailMerge class can be used with many different data sources including JSON, XML, business objects or DataSets. In this sample, a JSON string is used as a data source that can be manipulated for testing. Play with it to see the differences.

  1. Change the JSON content or structure and see how the drop-down buttons in the template editor (step 2) reflect these changes.

  2. If you are done manipulating the data, move over to step 2.

Based on the above JSON data, the drop-down lists in the ribbon Reporting tab are filled with available field and merge block names.

  1. Use the Insert Merge Field Insert Merge Block drop-down buttons to insert merge elements.

  2. Insert other elements that should be part of your first template such as headers and footers.

  3. When you are happy with your template, click the green button Merge Template to merge the above data into the template.

In the final step, the data is merged into the template using the MailMerge class and loaded into the DocumentViewer.

No code required.

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