Integrate form field processing functionality to create and deploy smart forms including MS Word compatible form fields such as checkboxes, drop-down boxes and form text fields.

This demo uses the MVC version of TXTextControl.Web included in TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET. The functionality is compatible across all supported platforms.

Version 32.0 SP3

Documents created in MS Word containing legacy form fields and content control form fields can be imported and used with TX Text Control.

It is possible to create documents with fillable form fields for data collection from end-users. As part of digital transformation processes, paper-based forms can be migrated to electronic documents with many advantages, such as validation and automated data analysis.

Form fields can be added using the fully-featured ribbon tab Form Fields. This demo shows how to add various form fields programmatically using the JavaScript API. Simply click the buttons under the document editor to see the code in action.

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